My name is Ania (Anna). I live in Poland and for over 15 years I've been collecting postcards. To see some of my postacards click on the button below.

I collect postcards addressed to my name and sent using the local post service. I expand my collection mostly thanks to my relatives and friends. However, from time to time, I manage to convince people I hardly know to send me a postcard. If you wish to learn more about the way some of the postcards came to my albums, click on the button below. I am also a member of

Currently, I have postcards from 142 countries. In the frame on the right you may locate these countries on the map (you may zoom in a given region by clicking on a selected country). Additionally, by clicking on the button below, you will find the whole list of UN members, with an indication of their status in my collection.

I put my postcards in albums, separated by pages with maps of the countries. As an example you may have a look at the pages for Maldives, Brasil, Sudan. I like typical single view cards that show me the country and region they come from. I am particularly fond of postcards showing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To see the list of the sites that I already have you can click on the button.

If you are also a collector and you would like to receive a postcard from Poland, in exchange for a postcard from your home country or another country you visit, please leave a message in the Guest Book.